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Picture Prefect

Taking the right type of photos is always paramount for any successful project, a great photo can capture the sessions of a project that sometimes you can’t get from words. We work extremely hard to get the right images, so that the images will become iconic for your project. Whether the images are for a brochure or a website, we have the skills and know how to carry out these shoots on location or in our studio for the very best results.

Origin Multimedia Design specialises in portfolio photography for models in the fashion and entertainment industry. Having the right image captured is without pointing out the obvious is so important, so that’s why Origin Multimedia Design will advise you on what is the best course of action for you to take for your portfolio.

Photo Shoots

Origin Multimedia Design photo shoots can be a very collaborative process and clients are encouraged to share any ideas they may have for photographs they'd like to try and take. Although this can be done at any time, it is best done at least a few days prior to your shoot date so that any necessary preparations can be made ahead of time. We try to keep our shoots as informal as possible and relaxed so every has an enjoyable time. 

Getting in front of a camera for the first time (or first few times) can be intimidating. In fact, even pros still get cases of nervousness. So don't worry, it's natural. Origin Multimedia Design have created two guides for anyone who is new to modelling or just going in front of the camera for the very first time as it is a good guide to prepare you for the big day, so you have a amazing experience and not a day you want to forget.

You can be sure that your images will come out the way you imagined them for your project or portfolio. We do not settle for second best, and every effort is made on the day of your shoot to get all the correct images taken, so when it comes to editing we will be just enhancing and nothing more. As a great photo speaks for itself and that’s what we all want for our clients.

Professional Photo Editing

Origin Multimedia Design offers a professional photo editing service. If you just have photos and images you need restored or enhanced, all the editing will be done by one of our photo editing experts to get the results you wish. Please when contacting us specify you would just like the professional photo editing service.


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