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Leveraging Social Media to Transform Opinions

OMD is a London and Brussels based agency specialising in social media campaigns that create social change.

Building your Brand

We help clients tell their stories in a way that fosters trust, engagement and social change across the globe.

Engaging Global Influencers

OMD combines engagement with a global network of Digital Influencers with an acute understanding of policy issues.

Global Reach

Based out of London and Brussels and working with a global network, OMD delivers campaigns across the UK, EU and beyond.

Digital Influencer Marketing

Campaign Management

Branding & Multimedia

Good stories and great campaigns start with branding. Here at OMD, we build more than just logos for our clients; we help clients find their voice and build campaign identities that target audiences can connect with and trust.

OMD uses the power of design to create distinctive brands that are meaningful, memorable and iconic, making it the perfect starting point for campaigns that foster behavioural change.

Featured Work

Who Are We

OMD is a London and Brussels based agency that specialises in delivering social media campaigns resulting in social change.

By leveraging the power of brand-building, digital influencer marketing and international multi-stakeholder campaigns, OMD helps clients move the needle on the issues that truly matter.

With over a decade of experience, our communications experts combine creative skills and collaboration with social changemakers to help organisations find their voice, connect with their target audiences and ultimately, improve lives.